Plastics Health Concerns That Threaten

Plastics health concerns are rampant nowadays. Our dependency to such material should be given proper attention to while it is not too late. Yes, lives are made easier through it. Many are given the chance to earn. Industries are prosperous since the demand is always high. But, despite the comfort that we are experiencing now, there is still a threat to our health. Plastics have special components that affect not only our bodies but even the environment. Imagine hundreds of trucks loaded of plastic wastes every single day. What will happen to this only living planet if lots of wastes are produced everyday? The time has come for us to think of our health and this planet’s welfare. In the future, annual production of plastics will get higher. If this is the case, what shall we do? How will we address health problems? Will we shift to glass or metal products?

weight lossHealth is at risks when plastics are not properly manufactured. Today, many companies manufacture plastic. But, not all follow proper protocols or standards. Can’t you see that almost all items have their plastic versions? See your kitchen. Can you name some items which are mainly made of such man-made material? Obviously, you have cooking pots, bowls, stools, containers, and basin made of plastic. See. That’s how dependent you are. There is nothing wrong in using plastic-made materials but be sure that not too much. Avoid burning and throwing anywhere. Do things that will reduce the problems on waste disposal. The material can’t be easily dissolved. It takes a long process before it can be thoroughly disposed. This is why, learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Minimizing dependency can help eliminate plastics health concerns that threatens. Start giving solutions at home. Warn every family member to become responsible enough in their actions.

Manufacturers should make necessary interventions during the production. The material is available in many types. Others are extra-durable and that makes them unique. But, those added chemicals or substances have negative impacts on humans, animals and the environment. These potential hazards include the ff: toxicity, carcinogens and endocrine disruption. Direct toxicity is mainly taken from cadmium, lead and mercury. Carcinogens on the other hand is common in DEHP or diethylhexyl phthalate while endocrine disruption can lead to severe health issues such as birth defects, cancer and developmental issues in children. If you are not an informed user, you may face some critical issues which you do not expect to happen.

People are exposed to plastics not only through production but even through packaging. Chemicals can be transferred to the food we eat. Some food containers are made of dangerous components such as Styrene, plasticizers, Acetaldehyde, and antioxidants. These chemicals create good quality plastics but they are not safe. This is why humans are advised to buy food contained in glass containers than those contained inside plastic. We should not even heat our foods using plastic-made pots. People are even warned to get rid of PVC and Styrene-based products.

Plastics health concerns are the biggest challenges to us. We cannot completely eliminate them. But, there is still a way to lessen dependency. Besides, recycling is easier to do. Those plastic-made items that you can still use can be recycled. Empty bottles are perfect as home decorations or school projects. Plastic bags can be used over and over again especially when you shop for grocery items. Damaged containers can be sold in junk shops instead of throwing them anywhere. Some can be used as pots for plants that you like to have if you know how to recycle then there is no such thing as giant dump sites. There would be no pollution. Our health won’t be put at risk. In short, there is no threat.

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