Where Plastic Comes From: It’s Very Useful

In sometime in your life, have you ever ask yourself this question – where does plastic came from? For sure in one part of your existence you have thought of this since we are surrounded by this material. If you look around your house, groceries, malls, and everywhere, you will see things and materials that are made from plastic. But why did plastic become so popular and common? The answer to that question very simple, plastic are light in weight which is easy to carry, plastic are very durable and can last a lifetime, plastic are very available and easy to produce. If you check the market, there are different types of plastics available and for different usage. There are tough quality plastics that are made as containers to store products, food, and liquids. Another type of plastic that you can see is the plastic bag which is use to pack things like your groceries, clothes, and other things that you use, and plastic that is use to make furniture like tables and chairs.

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But where does plastic actually come from? Plastic are man-made products, where man uses chemicals to make plastic. They use carbon and oil to make plastic. If they want to put some color they also incorporate coloring into the mixture. There are several companies that actually produce plastic materials where they use a machine to mix the ingredients and also come up with the product that they want. Plastic has made great impact in human lives in both positive and negative. The positive impact of plastic is it made the life of man easy and convenient. You can know store your food using plastic containers. Most of the plastic products are disposable so reduce the work of. In most parties, they use plastic cups and plastic plates and utensils to avoid breakables, washing, and clutters after the party. if you use plastic materials you can easily dispose it without worrying about your washing the used utensils. All you need to have is black bag where you can put it all there and throw it away.

The negative impact of plastic in human lives is it’s the number reason of clogged drainage. Since plastic are non-dissolvable, they are stocked inside the drainage and stops water from flowing which is the common cause of flood in one area. Most of the flood happens because the drainage is not working and when they check it it’s full of plastic products that were stocked in the hole. But this problem normally happens if the people in that area do not care about their surroundings and their environment. There are other places and countries that are very strict when it comes to garbage disposal where the citizens are not allowed to throw any garbage on the street. They need to properly dispose it to the garbage can. That’s why most of the places that have this kind of law have minimal experience when it comes to flood because their drainage is perfectly working. Plastic can only be dissolved if you burn it but the smoke will also create pollution in the air where it could affect the lungs of the people. So, make sure that you know how to properly dispose your garbage, try to segregate your garbage so you can properly dispose them.

Plastic are very useful and helpful but we need to know how to properly dispose it to avoid adding damage to the environment. Plastic were made to make our lives easy and not to make our life miserable because of carelessness. Take advantage of the usage of the plastic and you will see that your life will be much better.

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